• Office secretary

    Job Description

    General Qualifications
    -Graduate of any Business Related 4 year course
    -Has at least 2 years of experience
    -Excellent written and oral communication skills
    -Team player
    -Can handle pressure efficiently and proactive

    -Placing Calls and Filing
    -Office Management
    -Business Communication
    -Customer Service

    -Accounts Management
    -Getting Client Job Specifications
    -Requesting Quote from Presses and Suppliers for Clients
    -Preparing Quotation for Clients / Prospective Clients
    -Acquiring Quotation Approval from Clients

    Project Management
    -Preparing and Updating Time Table for Project
    -Coordinating with Production Personnel
    -Coordinating with Clients
    -Initiating Quality Control
    -Sending Quotation Approval to Presses / Suppliers
    -Dealing with Logistics and Delivery to Clients
    -Following up with Clients

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  • Real Estate Agent

    Skills / Requirements

    • Minimum 3 years solid experience in Sales Management preferably in a real estate company
    • Aggressive, ambitious and a team player
    • Strong managerial skills
    • Ability to work under pressure to meet deadlines and required targets
    • Ability to multitask and prioritize responsibilities
    • Excellent English communication skills both oral and written
    • Knowledge of Arabic language is an advantage
    • With valid GCC driving license

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  • Accountant

    Skills / Requirements

    3-5 year experience
    Capable of doing cost analysis
    Book keeping skills

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