If you are still thinking about taking the decision of moving to Bahrain, we will give you some assistance to help you settle this issue by displaying 5 unquestionably convincing reasons to make you live in Gulf’s pearl.


  • Easiness of finding residenceEasiness of finding residence

Let’s start first with humans’ basic need, which is residence. The residential options found in the Kingdom of Bahrain are divergent, diverse, and overall, accessible to meet the demands of all social sectors.

Rental prices in Bahrain are cheapest between all other GCC states, sales prices also are convenient.

Moreover, Bahrain government has opened the door for foreign real estate investors to freehold properties in Bahrain. 10 years ago, the government defined a number of areas including Durrat Al Bahrain, Amwaj Island, Juffair, Seef, and other vital locations for freehold ownership.

The real estate set of regulations acting as the sector’s framework is flexible, it aims at guaranteeing the rights of all contracting parties either owners, tenants, or investors.


  • Low cost of living

Low cost of living

The cost of living in Bahrain is affordable, it’s enough to know that Bahrain government doesn’t impose any kind of tax on income or wealth.

The government subsidies all substantial commodities to be affordable for all people including gas, meat, and other. The cost of basic services like electricity, water, and internet is low also to be accessible to everyone.

  • Modern state

Modern state

In another respect, building and construction activities are taking place in full swing all around the kingdom to improve infrastructure, enhance the quality of services offered, and extended roads network.

The change happening on Bahrain’s real estate landscape became evident. Towers are rising side by side in the central areas, also work is developing on sea reclamation projects.


  • Bahrain is fun

Bahrain is fun

Staying in Bahrain during weekends or vacations isn’t a bad choice at all. Here you can do a lot of recreational activities and pass wonderful moments with your friends or family.

You can go for a movie, have a walk in any of its gigantic malls, stroll the old streets in downtown Manama, visit any of its historical sites or resorts, dive, or eat at any of Bahrain’s magnificent restaurant.


  • Special taste

Special taste

Cultural diversity in Bahrain is an attractive point too. 45% of Bahrain’s population are expats coming from different countries around the world. This enriches Bahrain’s cultural life and turns it into a large platform displaying the world’s different life styles.

That’s why you can find multiple restaurants boasting different cuisines from America, Asia, Europe, and Arabian food of course, art galleries, culture centres, and a unique state of harmony binding all these cultures together.