Amwaj Islands are a group of manmade islands to the northeast of Bahrain, close to Muharraq Island.

4.31 thousand square kilometers of land, belonging to Muharraq Governorate, sit calmly, surrounded by the soothing waves of the Persian Gulf.

Since its inception, the project has drawn in expatriates living in Bahrain. It greeted them with a lifestyle that combines living, work, and leisure, all wrapped within a shell of luxury.

The islands have a unique character, dominated by the clear azure waters and the active life that it encourages its residents to have.

The balance of residential, commercial, and leisure living has succeeded in making Amwaj Islands properties a favorite option among expats.

Here are some of the reasons why:

1)   Ownership

In 2000, the plan to provide foreigners with 100% freehold land ownership was forged. From there, Amwaj Islands was born; giving expatriates the chance to own a home on the alluring islands.

Since then, expats looking for the opportunity to buy on Bahraini soil have chosen Amwaj.

2)   Six Islands to Choose From

Amwaj is made up of 6 distinct islands: Tala, Najmah, Asdaf, Murjan, Jood, and Lulu. Each of these islands is a community within its own, offering a range of homes to choose from.

From stand-alone waterfront villas to spacious apartments and fully serviced residences, all equipped with the latest technology.

3)   Unrivaled Lifestyle

Amwaj Islands was able to create the serenity of island life in the heart of a booming nation. While it is only 10 minutes away from the airport, and 15 minutes away from Manama, it still manages to be secluded.

Landscaped walkways, beaches, and parks are scattered across the islands, giving residents a clean and quiet environment to relax. The sea can be easily accessed from all homes, for a day of water activities or a lazy afternoon by the shore.  

4)   Water Activities

On the islands, there is plenty to do besides enjoy the scenery. Learning to dive has never been easier with the Boating International Sea Services Marina right around the corner. It is the only recognized RYA training center in Bahrain

Different types of water activities such as kite and windsurfing, surfing, wakeboarding, canoeing, kayaking, and even fishing are also available.

5)   Bird Watching

The Azizia Bird Kingdom on Jood Island, which holds 70 different species and over 500 birds, is an unmatched experience that Amwaj residents can also enjoy.

Rare and endangered species can be spotted in this carefully monitored ecosystem. Educational material is also provided on-site to teach younger generations the importance of respecting and caring for the environment.

Several species of Bolivian macaws; a red-vented cockatoo; Java peacocks; California quails; colorful toucans; Amazon and African gray parrots and much more can be spotted.

6)   Outdoor Activities

In the heart of Amwaj is the Lagoon, where cafes, restaurants, shops and boutiques of all sorts are open late into the evening. Traditional Arabic, Lebanese, Chinese, Indian, Thai, and Western cuisines are up for grabs.

When the weather is cool enough, Amwaj Marina Markets are open once a month. They bring along 70 stalls with artwork, vintage items, accessories, and jewelry.

7)   Services and Amenities

Amwaj Islands is not only a residential complex; it boasts an array of superior facilities that make life on it as holistic as it gets.

Healthcare centers, such as the American Mission Hospital and Seef Dental on Lulu Island provide residents with all their needs.

Meritas House offers office spaces with sea views in an environment that encourage creativity and work.

On Amwaj, you will also find an international school, on-site communications company, 5-star hotels, spas and fashion outlets.